If all the year were playing holidays; To sport would be as tedious as to work.

The College offers a wide variety of games and sports for the students. The specialization begins from B.A.1st year where they choose sport/games as per their talent and interest. The games offered in our college are: football, cricket, hockey, basketball, athletics, table tennis.

The college has Physical Education Teacher for different sports/games. Our college engages coaches for different sports/games as per requirements. our teams participate in various District/Region/state and at national level. They have excelled in different games and bagged prize

Rule & Regulation

    Enrollment in SGPGC implies on the part of both pupils and parents willingness to comply with all the requirements and rules of the college. The principal has the right to suspend the attendance or require the withdrawal of any pupil without having to assign any reason, provided that he is Satisfied that such a step is necessary int eh interest of the college

    The Principal reserves the right to waive any of the rules contained herein without assigning any reason for action

    The interpretation of any rules in the prospectus, as well as, any amendment to it, rests solely and entirely with the governing body of the college, which shall be final and binding on parents/guardians and in no case shall lie in any court of law in respect of their decision.

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