Common Rules And Regulation


Shri Gandhi P.G. College Maltari is an Aided College under the University of Jaunpur. The College is under the process of ----accreditation
A. The Principal Administrative structures in the College are:
• The Governing Body
• The Academic Council
• The Boards of Studies and The Office of the Controller of Examinations.
This is in accordance with the UGC's Autonomy Scheme.
B. The College follows the Semester system for the teaching-learning-evaluation process.
C. The admission process starts immediately after the declaration of Class XII results of major national Boards and U.P Board. A student who is selected for enrolment in a particular course offered by the College will have to complete admission procedures and get himself/herself registered within the notified time period.
The Registration of a student is valid for 5 years from the academic year in which the registration is granted.
D. The final degree will be awarded by the University of Jaunpur. The name of the College will also be mentioned in the Degree Certificate.
E. Candidates must have good knowledge of Hindi.
F. Parents and Guardians should know that their wards are admitted under the strict understanding that the students must comply with the rules and regulations specified by the College.
G. The Departmental office should be informed of any change of address and phone number after the admission.
H. As you enter Shri Gandhi P.G. College (aided), Maltari , vast opportunities open up before you. This also entails certain responsibilities on your parts. This College has an eventful history of forty four years. The traditions and values which have developed over this long period will have to be protected and promoted by you now. The continuation of the recognition and reputation that SGPGC has enjoyed in society at large over these years is now your responsibility.

Certain traits we cherish among our student community include:


• Decency in Dress and decorum in behavior.
• Punctuality.
• Disciplined, focused approach to your life in general and to your studies in particular.
• Application and interest in studies and other departmental extracurricular activities in College.
• Awareness of social conditions around you and in the world and developing a compassionate and proactive response to them.
• Adherence to secular values and ideals.
• A scientific outlook.
• Interest in cultural activities, sports and games.
• Follow the Notice Board daily.
• Show your Identity Card at the gate when entering the college and always keep it on your person when in college. Exchange or leading of one's identity card is a serious offence.
• The entire college is "No Smoking Zone". Respect it.
• Use of drugs/alcohol is strictly prohibited in the College.
• Bringing outside guests/friends in the college is strictly prohibited.
• Punctuality is be maintained in all matters - specially in Class Attendance and Examination Attendance.
• Loitering around or littering in the college campus/corridors are strictly prohibited.
• Any kind of violent conduct in the college is strictly prohibited.
• Ragging in any forms is strictly prohibited in the college.
• Health/Safety Rules are to be strictly obeyed.
• Damaged should not be caused to any college property in any form.
• College Computer System should not be tampered with in any way.
• Reputation of the college must be upheld even outside the college.
• Misappropriation of funds will be treated as a criminal offence.
• Improper sexual conduct will also be treated as a criminal offence.

Rule & Regulation

    Enrollment in SGPGC implies on the part of both pupils and parents willingness to comply with all the requirements and rules of the college. The principal has the right to suspend the attendance or require the withdrawal of any pupil without having to assign any reason, provided that he is Satisfied that such a step is necessary int eh interest of the college

    The Principal reserves the right to waive any of the rules contained herein without assigning any reason for action

    The interpretation of any rules in the prospectus, as well as, any amendment to it, rests solely and entirely with the governing body of the college, which shall be final and binding on parents/guardians and in no case shall lie in any court of law in respect of their decision.

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