The library is heart of any educational institution. The main functions of a library are to provide resources and research support for students and faculty of the educational institution. The library provides a quiet study space for students on campus; it may also provide group study space, such as meeting rooms. In North America, Europe, and other parts of the world, academic libraries are becoming increasingly digitally oriented. The library provides a "gateway" for students and researchers to access various resources, both print/physical and digital.

Academic institutions are subscribing to electronic journals databases, providing research and scholarly writing software, and usually provide computer workstations or computer labs for students to access journals, library search databases and portals, institutional electronic resources, internet access, and course- or task-related software (i.e. word processing and spreadsheet software). They are increasingly acting as an electronic repository for institutional scholarly research and academic knowledge.

The college library has enough stock of text and reference books, which are required by the students. It has subscribed to various news papers – both in HINDI and ENGLISH to offer an opportunity to the students to know that what is happening around the world. The library has subscription of Magazines and Journals – Competition Success Review, Competition Master etc., so that students can groom themselves for various competitive examinations. At present it has a stock of about 56000 books (Text/Reference Books) catering to the needs of students and teachers.

Total No. of Books in the library is - 56000
Following are the Subject Wise no. of Books available in the library

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