Focusing on the quality of all the dimensions of higher education system the College aims :
Providing need based education relevant to the dynamic socio-economic environment.
Activities related to teaching, research and extension for the development of this developing and rural region of eastern Uttar Pradesh.
Encouraging the informal and continuous dialogue among the teachers, students and other user groups for generating greater effectiveness in our services.
Be one of the largest center of professional education by strengthening in-campus teaching and research.
Be one of most quality focused college.
Develop state-of-art infrastructural support facilities for quality teaching and research.
Establish strong linkages with the community and organizations in surrounding areas.
Initiate International Partnerships



The College believes that the students are the most important human resources and their all round development can only build a strong and self-reliant world. Students are the future of our world and therefore need to be appropriately and adequately cared. Our mission is the all round development of personality, staunch character and integrity, global growth, international understanding, physical fitness and above all to develop the feelings of humanity among the students.

It is hoped to open up more opportunities to the students to expand and diverse their interest and find avenues for the exhibition of their talents. Our main mission is to channelize their energy, to provide greater opportunities, to build desired life-skills and empower them to take informed independent decisions.

We try to enable our students to develop their efficiency to distinguish brightness and darkness, right and wrong and to select right circle of friendship. Ideally, education is supposed to encourage the students to analyses and evaluate their experiences, to debate, to question, to investigate. In other words to be inquisitive and to think independently.




वीर बहादुर सिंह विश्व-विद्यालय का हरितांचल।

जय-जय-जय “पूरब की आत्मा”, जय-जय-जय “पूर्वाञ्चल”॥

पूर्व दिशा का ताज रहा है, “भारत का शीराज” रहा है,

यह यमदग्नि-यजन की बेदी यह “कुतबन” का मादल।

जय-जय-जय “पूरब की आत्मा”, जय-जय-जय “पूर्वांञ्चल”॥

दो धर्मों की मिलन-धुरी यह, राग सलोना “जौनपुरी” यह,

संघर्षों की झंझर में झंकृत जिसके जीवन-पल।

जय-जय-जय “पूरब की आत्मा”, जय-जय-जय “पूर्वांञ्चल”॥

नये सृजन की सजी आरती, उतरी वीणा लिये भारती,

नव-जागरण-थाल में अर्पित यह पावन तुलसी दल।

जय-जय-जय “पूरब की आत्मा”, जय-जय-जय “पूर्वांञ्चल”॥

कला-शिल्प-विज्ञान कलेवर, छलकाये प्रकाश के निर्झर,

धेनुमति-तमसा-गंगा का यह पावन क्रीड़ास्थल।

जय-जय-जय “पूरब की आत्मा”, जय-जय-जय “पूर्वांञ्चल”॥

नीति हमारी सरल-तरल हो, जिसमें जन का क्षेम-कुशल हो,

गौतम-कपिल-कणाद-पतंञलि हों आदर्श अचंचल।

जय-जय-जय “पूरब की आत्मा”, जय-जय-जय “पूर्वांञ्चल”॥

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