The NATIONAL ASSESSMENT AND ACCREDITATION COUNCIL (NAAC) is an autonomous body established by the University Grants Commission (UGC) of India to assess and accredit institutions of higher education in the country. It is an outcome of the recommendations of the National Policy in Education (1986) which laid special emphasis on upholding the quality of higher education in India. To address the issues of quality, the National Policy on Education (1986) and the Plan of Action (POA-1992) advocated the establishment of an independent national accreditation body. Consequently, the NAAC was established in 1994 with its headquarters at Bangalore.

To make quality the defining element of higher education in India through a combination of self and external quality evaluation, promotion and sustenance initiatives.

To arrange for periodic assessment and accreditation of institutions of higher education or units thereof, or specific academic programmes or projects
To stimulate the academic environment for promotion of quality of teaching-learning and research in higher education institutions;
To encourage self-evaluation, accountability, autonomy and innovations in higher education;
To undertake quality-related research studies, consultancy and training programmes, and
To collaborate with other stakeholders of higher education for quality evaluation, promotion and sustenance.
Guided by its vision and striving to achieve its mission, the NAAC primarily assesses the quality of institutions of higher education that volunteer for the process, through an internationally accepted methodology.


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