Resident- students are expected to arrive a day before the term begins with their own bedding, bed-linen, a lock, a tumbler, two plates, a spoon, a mug, curtains for the door and a bulb.
Furniture will be issued to the resident-student against his/her signature. Before leaving the Hostel, he/she must obtain a certificate from the warden that the furniture issued has been returned in good condition.
Hostlers are not permitted to keep record-players, fire-arms or any electric gadget in their rooms. Defaulters will be imposed a fine of Rs. 50/- and the objects will be confiscated.

The college will not take any responsibility for loss of valuables, jewellery or cash of the boarders.
All students will report for the routine roll-call daily at 5 p.m. and any student absenting himself/herself without the prior permission of the warden will be fined Rs. 5/- per day. Disciplinary action will be taken against the defaulters.

The resident-student will have to apply separately for leave both from the college and from the Hostel.
No student will be allowed to go out of town/home during working days without the prior sanction of leave by the Principal for which letters should be sent by the parents direct to the Principal at least two days in advance.
No visitor will be allowed during the college working hours without a letter of authority from the parents of the students in case of an emergency.
Defiance of the Hostel rules or misbehaviour will render a resident-student liable to disciplinary action or even expulsion from the Hostel. The Principal is the final deciding authority for the allotment of seats in the Hostel. The Principal can refuse admission to any student without giving any reason


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